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Self portrait

30 Jun

Diana shot 1


Got rather bored last night so decided to go into the studio and try on my old swimsuit. bit of photoshop work to turn it into black and white and with the shadows and stuff

Prague stores with Phoebe Part 1

2 Apr

So me and my girlfriend decided to go to prague over her easter break back from uni. And this is what we got up to out there


Got the ballet theatre thing going on here. Get your Billy Elliot on


This what part of a church that was almost impossible to find the entrance too 4

This probably says something really importantbut i can read what it says 5


The astronomical clock tower that i couldn’t figure out what friggin time it was every time I looked at this thing!!

Olympic torchbearer

6 Mar

A while back I Photographed a friend of mine who ran the Olympic torch on its way to London. In the end they  were put in a museum in Greece and for the life of me I cant remember now which one it was but here are the photos from the shoot. (1)  (2)  (1)  (2)  (3)

My story got published on Photostorys.com!!!!!!!!!

2 Mar

Here is the link http://www.photostorys.com/london-life-photography.html

got lots too look forward to coming on my blog

28 Feb

So last week was very busy with london fashion week and have just about recovered. I now have a lot of things coming up very soon.

Tomorrow I might upload some photographs of the Para-olympics, late in know and the photo’s are from the stands so should be interesting to go through them again

On Mothers day I will photographing a swimming competition from my local area.

On the 11th I then have a photo walk with another photographer in London. link to her blog is here http://rlb-photography.tumblr.com/.

After that im in St Andrews and will be taking a few photos there of a bit of food photography for my girlfriend who blog is amazing and worth checking out. Link is here http://knivesandforkes.wordpress.com/

After that, we are taking a 5 day trip to Prague so there will be a fair few photos coming from there so thats going to be very exciting.

After that there will be a fashion show that i might be attending for Moixa designs which should be very good as i did there show last year with DMA

Lots of things to look forward to.

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More content to come out soon guys 🙂


27 Feb



Cocktail stick umrellaIMG_9582 IMG_9584


My shoe has come offIMG_9587 IMG_9591



Bit of backlighting always good when you accidentally get one of these shots and claim it was skill 😛


27 Feb



Zoe something again. Still dont know her last name?!
IMG_9567 IMG_9569 IMG_9572 IMG_9575

it looks like she is wearing that hat of the model behind her. Rather luckyIMG_9576Starting five



27 Feb

IMG_9475 IMG_9483 IMG_9491


Serious redness on the head thereIMG_9498 IMG_9514 IMG_9532 IMG_9540 IMG_9549


27 Feb

IMG_9412 IMG_9425 IMG_9440 IMG_9443 IMG_9451 IMG_9456 IMG_9459


Those jewel things in front of my eyes would annoy me and I would actually fall over


27 Feb

IMG_9347 IMG_9364 IMG_9367 IMG_9373 IMG_9383 IMG_9393 IMG_9400 IMG_9409