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St Andrews

16 Mar




So I took a trip down to the beach at St Andrews. everyone takes a photo of the ruins and all of the old battered architecture so I decided not to do that besides my first photo. I couldn’t resist. i went right out onto the the kind of natural walkway and almost got stranded as the tide was coming in :S hope you like 🙂



This was a cool one i angled the camera and was surprised at the results. It looks like a a ariel shot (sort of and in the distance there is the curvature of the earth



Red stones always look good when you push the vibrancy up


 5This was a good one as it looks quite alien in nature. Weird and wonderful



Thanks to St Andrews for sharing my blog. Very grateful

4 Mar

St Andrews

16 Feb

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So i took a trip up to St Andrews to visit my girlfriend for valentines Day where she cooked me an amazing meal with chorizo and pasta and a bit of chilli.

The last day that i was there we took a really nice walk down on the beach  before i had to catch my train back down to london. These were the landscape photo’s that I took whilst I was there


Check out my girlfriends food blog here: http://knivesandforkes.wordpress.com/ to see what she cooked and where we went for valentines day