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Garden Adventures

4 Mar

I was rather bored today so i set myself a little challenge  I went to my back garden with my camera with a timer of 10 minutes to see what i could find. To be honest my garden is rather boring so Photoshop and Aperture 3 came in handy to revive some of the photos.  1 (1)  3  4  5  2 (1)


2 Mar

Not sure if i have posted this up already but thought i might as well as it was sitting on my computer not doing to much. Taken in spain with an old film camera of mine about 5 years ago a didn’t process it for ages.

My story got published on Photostorys.com!!!!!!!!!

2 Mar

Here is the link http://www.photostorys.com/london-life-photography.html

got lots too look forward to coming on my blog

28 Feb

So last week was very busy with london fashion week and have just about recovered. I now have a lot of things coming up very soon.

Tomorrow I might upload some photographs of the Para-olympics, late in know and the photo’s are from the stands so should be interesting to go through them again

On Mothers day I will photographing a swimming competition from my local area.

On the 11th I then have a photo walk with another photographer in London. link to her blog is here http://rlb-photography.tumblr.com/.

After that im in St Andrews and will be taking a few photos there of a bit of food photography for my girlfriend who blog is amazing and worth checking out. Link is here http://knivesandforkes.wordpress.com/

After that, we are taking a 5 day trip to Prague so there will be a fair few photos coming from there so thats going to be very exciting.

After that there will be a fashion show that i might be attending for Moixa designs which should be very good as i did there show last year with DMA

Lots of things to look forward to.

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I have a Pinterest account also so by all means pin all of my previous work up your boards and stuff and share the love!

More content to come out soon guys 🙂

got some cool countries viewing my stuff

26 Feb

That all for fashion photos but there is one more post to put out tonight

26 Feb

hit the 2000+ mark for views!! :D

26 Feb

Topped out at 292 views yesterday. monster of a record

26 Feb

St Andrews

16 Feb

 034 (3)  035 (1)  033 (4)  032 (5)  031 (8)  030 (9)


So i took a trip up to St Andrews to visit my girlfriend for valentines Day where she cooked me an amazing meal with chorizo and pasta and a bit of chilli.

The last day that i was there we took a really nice walk down on the beach  before i had to catch my train back down to london. These were the landscape photo’s that I took whilst I was there


Check out my girlfriends food blog here: http://knivesandforkes.wordpress.com/ to see what she cooked and where we went for valentines day


Business cards

12 Feb

Got 250 of these bad boys to give out by summer. lets make it happen cap'n!

Got 250 of these bad boys to give out by summer. lets make it happen cap’n!