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Chillin at Junction Blvd

2 Jul


Self portrait

30 Jun

Diana shot 1


Got rather bored last night so decided to go into the studio and try on my old swimsuit. bit of photoshop work to turn it into black and white and with the shadows and stuff

Garden adventures

28 Jun

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Swimming galore

28 Jun

So me being a swimmer, naturally i went to a swimming competition. nothing major just a little bit of fun with the team that i swim with. 1  2  3  4  5

Last set of 6

27 Jun

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More of the good stuff

27 Jun

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Sorry for the vacation

27 Jun



Sorry for the long wait i have been away away for a while and i havent had much time to get on here and blog about anything. I have recently acquired a new job and everything has been hectic and stressful. However i will be putting more of the good stuff up here a bit more regularly now that i have managed to figure out some stable hours. Enjoy 6






Prague’s culinary delights

10 Apr

Ugly renaissance babies part B

7 Apr


This one has the mega buck, and clearly doesn’t like you watching him having nipple time!


“what on earth has woken me up?” 346

“who gave me this god damn apple? I dont want this”

This one is rather horny and trying to pinch his nipples…. oh wait…HE AINT GOT NONE!



Clearly is a gangster with the gun signs.

 285Who knows what is going on with this one. Just a thought. The way the woman is holding this whatever it is clearly defies the laws of physics.


Prague stories part 2

7 Apr

Its not Michael Bublé but it was enough whilst we were walking around town and what not 7  8

WHAT TIME IS IT?! Was a really handsome looking clock though. 9

Handome clock cant be stopped wont be stopped


Tried out a free HDR programme on my computer for this and it had a bad halo effect around the building. This was a cool building and looked like something out of harry potter.


Perspective much 13

Every hour on the hour, a fair few people decided to look at this clock in the square and a load of mini statues came out with some funky expressions.